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Bewitch Bewild

ruunikko tamma, 163 cm, s. CAS 52 (8 vuotta)
semistayer, G1 19: 6-5-6-1, 2 972 840 v€
voitot 32 % / sijoitukset 95 %

omistaja: Galliard Racing
maahantuoja: Galliard Racing

LK ID: #32456

1st Kentucky Oaks (G1)     1st The Acorn Stakes (G1)     1st Blacknbreezy VFU Stakes (G2)     2nd Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic (G1)
2nd Coaching Club American Oaks (G1)     2nd Delicious Victory SNAK Stakes (G1)     2nd SJ Stormzz Stakes (G1)     3rd Mother Goose Stakes (G1)
3rd Doomsday Feig Derby (G1)     3rd Toyota Blue Grass Stakes (G1)     3rd Wood Memorial (G1)
xx, mustankimo
xx, mustankimo
Epona's Grace
xx, ruunikko
Beach Bound
xx, ruunikko
xx, ruunikko
xx, ruunikko


3 YO07/20192ndG1 Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic 9f DLaukkajaos600 000 v€
3 YO07/20192ndG1 Delicious Victory SNAK Stakes 9f DMiracle Thoroughbreds180 000 v€
3 YO06/20192ndG1 Coaching Club American Oaks 10f DLaukkajaos198 000 v€
3 YO06/20193rdG1 Mother Goose Stakes 9f DLaukkajaos120 000 v€
3 YO06/20191stG1 The Acorn Stakes 8f DLaukkajaos330 000 v€
3 YO06/20191stG1 Kentucky Oaks 9f DLaukkajaos550 000 v€
3 YO06/20194thG1 Poison Cove Stakes 12f DBriarwood Stables76 000 v€
3 YO06/20193rdG1 Doomsday Feig Derby 10f DBriarwood Stables116 000 v€
3 YO06/20192ndG1 SJ Stormzz Stakes 9f DBriarwood Stables150 000 v€
3 YO06/20193rdG1 Toyota Blue Grass Stakes 9f DBriarwood Stables190 000 v€
3 YO05/20193rdG1 Wood Memorial 9f DBriarwood Stables191 440 v€
3 YO05/20191stG2 Blacknbreezy VFU Stakes 8f DMiracle Thoroughbreds118 000 v€
2 YO03/20192ndG2 9f DBrenton Brothers Racing57 000 v€
2 YO03/20191stG3 8f DBriarwood Stables60 000 v€
2 YO02/20191stAllowance 8f DGalliard Racing20 000 v€
2 YO02/20191stMaiden 8f DBrenton Brothers Racing10 000 v€
2 YO02/20193rdMaiden 10f DBriarwood Stables3 200 v€
2 YO02/20193rdMaiden 9f DBriarwood Stables3 200 v€
2 YO02/20197thMaiden 8f DBriarwood Stables0 v€


Beyond Belief ARD  (i. Golden Horizon)
tamma, s. CAS 58, UG
Wolfbrother ARD  (i. Leshchenco)
ori, s. CAS 61, UG